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General Information

Broadview Hunting Estate and lodge are fully owned and operated by your hosts ensuring you a genuine Kiwi experience. Your satisfaction is how we measure our success.

Getting to Broadview Hunting Estate.

Please arrange your own fights to Auckland, followed by a domestic flight to Rotorua. We will meet you there and take care of ev­erything according to your personal require­ments. If you wish to hunt Tahr and Cham­ois we will assist you to choose a suitable flight for your South Island hunting experi­ence. Guides, Lodging and helicopter access can all be arranged.

What to bring:

When you book your hunt we will send you a suggested packing list relevant to the time of your visit and the length of your stay. This will ensure you are well prepared for hunting in the New Zealand climate.

Firearms, ammunition and licenses

You are welcome to bring your own ammuni­tion and firearms (excluding pistols) into New Zealand. Please check with your airline regarding recom­mendations for packing of firearms and ammu­nition. When you arrive please inform customs that you wish to register your firearm. You will be required to fill in a form and pay NZ$25 fee.

This is a simple and common process and we can send you a copy of the form prior to de­parture.

If you prefer not to bring your own firearm you can arrange to hire one at the time of booking. 7mm, 300 and 270 are common calibers used. We aim to get within 150 yards but be prepared to shoot up to 300 yards. Our guides can ad­vise on ammunition when you book your hunt.


You are not required to hold a license for short term hunting safaris, and licenses for fishing and small game will be arranged by us as re­quired at no extra cost. Clients should ensure they have current medi­cal and travel insurance including trip cancella­tion insurance.

Taxidermy options

We will put you in contact with our taxidermist and together you can decide the best method to get your trophies home. You can choose to have your taxidermy done in New Zealand or have the local expediting service ship them home to your own taxidermist.

Hunting season

The preferred season for hunting red stags, fallow and Sika in New Zealand is from early March until end of July.

For other species the hunting season extends May through to the end of September.

Duck season: May & June.
Pheasant: May-August.

New Zealand Seasons and Weather

New Zealand enjoys a relatively temperate climate with mild temperatures, moderate rain­fall, and abundant sunshine. Rainfall is spread out throughout the year, with the winter months receiving slightly more. Being in the southern hemisphere our seasons are opposite to those in the USA. The hunting season takes in autumn and early winter.

In our area the temperature ranges are:

Autumn (Mar – May):
Daytime 15°C – 26°C (59°F – 78°F)

Winter (Jun – Aug):
Daytime 9°C – 16°C (48°F – 60°F)

If your hunt includes Tahr and Chamois you will be travelling to the South Island where the temperatures are a few degrees colder.

Other questions?

Please contact us by email if you require further information: